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Framus triumph fretless elec doouble bass


a copy of the net that is approx the info on the bass or similar

60's Framus TRIUMPHupright Bass code ba300 One Magnetic pickUP and one one Piezo MIX super Sound! Framus Triumph Bass, some call it the Framus Stanley Clarke Bass, because he was the first ever use this Bass. See link in site: http://www.hendrixguitars.com/Ba333.htm

The Electric Upright Bass made by FRAMUS in the late 50s era (from 1956 to 60?). Made with solid maple. The scale length of the string is 1060mm (known as 4/4 full scale). This model TRIUMPH has the other nickname "Bohnenstange" that means "Bean Pole" in German. The bridge (covered with metal engraving the FRAMUS logo) has adjustable pieces (every strings height can adjust each other with it). The single coiled magnetic pickup mounted on the end edge of the neck (covered the metal, too). The Electric circuit is in through the body, and only volume-knob (passive) and output jack was available from outseeing. Originaly, the Frams logo painting must have been on the headstock, but this missed it. The fingerboard is painted with black but I'm not sure is it original or not. There's also black finished model, and the "Original" Triumph had been made in few years with minor spec-changing. In 1990, The Warwick Brand reissue the Triumph with same shape (retail price is 2990 British pounds). It has the semi-hollowed body (Top was spruce, Others are Maple), and the newer active electric circuit. This "original" Triumph is the one of the most monumental production in the early history of Electric upright bass.

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