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Ibanez Jem mirror


Ibanez Jem mirror Vintage collectable.

Ibanez Steve Vai Jem Mirror 

Named "Bad Horsie" after a Steve Vai song of the same name, the guitar features a "Rock Mirror" finish with matching mirror pickguard. This model also features the signature JEM appointments of a "Monkey Grip" handle carved into the basswood body and a scooped tremolo cavity so pitches can be raised as well as lowered with the tremolo arm. 

Bad Horsie joins a long line of variations of Steve Vai's JEM signature models, which were first introduced at the Chicago NAMM show in June 1987. The guitars are considered some of the most important instruments in the history of the electric guitars. Many JEM collectors own one of every model ever made.

This example is in very good overall condition showing just some minor scratches from playing, mainly on the back. It includes the original hardshell case. 


  • Available finish: RMR Rock Mirror

    Body material: basswood

    Neck material: 5pc maple/walnut

    Neck type/neck scale: JEM Prestige/25.5 in.

    No. frets/type: 24/6105

    Fingerboard: rosewood

    Inlay: pearl dot

    Bridge: Edge Pro

    H/W color: chrome

    Neck pickup: DiMarzio breed humbucker

    Middle pickup: DiMarzio breed single 

    Bridge pickup: DiMarzio breed humbucker

    Controls: 1V, 1T and 5-way switch

    Other special features: clear pickguard, Lions Claw tremolo cavity, Monkey Grip.

    Case: included 

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