Ukuleles on Request

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                                UKULELES ON REQUEST ASK !

                       Just arrived handmade Captain uke NZ recycled woods.

                                                    some secondhand

                                            join the ukulele fun revolution.



                                                         Kiwi Flag

   These prices are priced at the time of 2015 and might be subject to change

  sop_ka-15_65_004.jpg con_ka-c_165__006.jpg ten_ma-t_185_007.jpg
              Makala                               Makala                           Makala    
        Soprano MK-SN                   Concert MK-C                Tenor MK-T
                  $95                                   $125                              $149
sop_ka-15s_99_009.jpg con_ka-t_180_010.jpg con_ka-c_160_011.jpg
              Kala                                    Kala                                   Kala 
       Soprano MK-15S              Concert KA-C                      Tenor KA-T
                  $115                                $179                                $190
sop_oh-sk10_s95_012.jpg oh_tk10_175_013.jpg con_oh-ck20_s_215_014.jpg
             Ohana                               Ohana                             Ohana

     Soprano OH-SA10S            Tenor OH-TK10               Concert OHCK-20S

                $95                                    $175                               $249

  rip_sop_ripus-5ns_.001.jpg tenor_riput-5ns_002.jpg ripeut-5ns_wc_003.jpg
  Rip Soprano mahog ven       Rip Tenor mahog ven          Rip tenor elec

     RIpus- 5ns   $275               Ripus - 5ns $360                Ripeut-5NS $465