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cortad810_002.jpg cortadgranconcert001.jpg cortad810eacousticguitar.jpg

Cort AD 810

good quality starter

dreadnoght size


                  Cort CAF 510

     Concert bright rounded tone

     smaller body shallow body


                Cort AD810 E

             Electric acoustic

           great value & player


cortad810eacousticguitar.jpg cortl100palour.jpg cortearth100racousticguitar.jpg

CortAD 810E wb

Electric acoustic

volume & tone controls

$430 with hard case

               CORT L 100 P

                 Palour size

            great action & tone


                Cort E 100

            Solid spruce top

        geared machine heads


cortl450cp000.jpg cortmre3tssgat.jpg cortsfx1fdrsgat.jpg

                   Cort 450c

      mahogony top back & sides

              ooo small body


Cort MR E

  spruce top mahog b&s

with pick up


                  Cort SXF1

        maple top back & sides

          with pick up and eq

                   $ 549

cortmr710fns_acousticguitar.jpg cortblackcj1fjumbo.jpg cortcyorkbvto.jpg


solid top spruce rosewood

back & sides +pick up & tuner


Cort CD1F

Jumbo solid top

with pick up & eq +tuner


                   Cort  C York

             gretsch type semi

          with bigsby wangy bar