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Guitar Strings. Bass Strings. top quality ukulele Strings.ukulele strings by Kala Red & Aquilla ukulele strings the best uke strings you can buy. 

                                                        Ernie Ball & Martin strings are now available !

digital_tuners.jpg slides_01.jpg

New Digital tuners for

Guitar Bass Ukulele Violin Cello

Built in mic and clip on $29.95


Made in the USA

sorry out of stock

strings-1.jpg strings-2.jpg
Acoustic Phos. Strings
from $16 to $24
Top of the range strings white phos.
from $20 to $39.95
strings-3.jpg strings-4.jpg
Electric strings
from $16.95
Carvin & D'Addario electric strings
from $16
strings-5.jpg  strings-6.jpg
Flat wound jazz strings
from $28
12 string sets
from $25
strings-7.jpg strings-8.jpg
Bass strings round wound
from $32
Classical nylon strings standard to virtuoso
from $18.95
harmonicas.jpg  capos-1.jpg
Hohner & Silver Star harmonicas
from $25
Guitar capo's, change the key of the
guitar and still play the same chords
from beginner to pro
from $10 to $39
capos-2.jpg mixed-1.jpg
Capo's from $10, elastic and 12 string
from $14
Jaw harps from $15 guitar & ukelele pitch pipes $8
tuning fork from $9.95
Ear sonic protection from $10
mixed-2.jpg mixed-3.jpg
Battery soldering iron from $39
gig little lite $9.95
guitar string cutters $10
Mic clips from $5
Mic pop filter from $5
glow-aliens-1.jpg glow-aliens-2.jpg

Retro alien and glow in the dark picks from $2.00

From Roswell USA.

picks-1.jpg machine-heads.jpg
Picks from$1.00 Guitar machine heads classical or steel
from $20
gat-parts-1.jpg drum-sticks.jpg
Guitar nuts, bridge, end pins,
strap buttons and locks
Drum sticks from $12
tuners-1.jpg straps-1.jpg
Tuners, normal and chromatic
from $39
Woven, webbing and leather straps
from $15
bungalow_bills_t-shirts_original.jpg stands-1.jpg

Bungalow Bill t-shirts

From $59.95

Now back in stock 4 new colours

Mic and music stands from $28
 Good selection of of Capo,s
Blues  Harps and Jaw Harps